Custom Stanchions: the Ultimate Tool in Safety and Marketing

Custom Stanchions: the Ultimate Tool in Safety and Marketing

Stanchions are a critical component of any crowd control plan thanks to their effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility. They are available in different styles that work best for different settings.

For example, classic post and rope stanchions are commonly used at events where style and aesthetics are prioritized, such as red-carpet events or movie theaters. Another widely used stanchion is the retractable belt barrier, a convenient and effective solution for organizing large crowds into lines.

While standard belt barrier stanchions are a powerful tool, they aren’t typically the most visually-appealing things in the world. Retractable belt barriers are often solid colors such as black, gray, or yellow and lack imagery or text.

So what is an event organizer to do if they’re expecting a large crowd but also want to prioritize aesthetics? While effective in many cases, rope barriers aren’t the best choice for organizing large groups into lines, and belt barriers don’t offer a similar “wow” factor.

Enter the custom retractable belt barrier stanchion, master of aesthetics, convenience, and effectiveness. In this article, we’ll go over what custom belt barrier stanchions are and how they are effective tools in safety and marketing.

What are custom belt barrier stanchions?

Custom belt barrier stanchions function just like standard retractable belt barriers; the difference is that they can be personalized with a unique design instead of only being available in solid colors. This makes them practical marketing and branding tools in addition to being powerful crowd control implements.

What can be printed on a custom stanchion?

A custom stanchion can be personalized to your specifications. First, you can choose the exact model you’d like to customize. Then, you select the post and belt color and decide whether you want to customize one or both sides of the retractable belt.

From there, you can add your logo or custom text to the belt barrier. Adding a logo is a great way to increase brand recognition, while custom text allows you to create a message tailored to your audience or event. Finally, you have the option to choose the belt length. Longer belts are helpful in areas where long stretches of barriers are needed and can always be adjusted for smaller settings, whereas shorter belts are more cost-effective if the length isn’t a huge concern.

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Using custom stanchions as a branding and marketing tool

Custom stanchions are a powerful branding tool because they can easily be personalized with a brand’s logo and colors. Using them is an excellent way for companies to expose people to their brand who may not already be familiar with it; it also serves as a way to reinforce brand recognition among those who are.

For example, if you’re planning an event that requires attendees to wait in line, utilizing custom stanchions with your logo is a great way to organize those lines and build brand recognition simultaneously. For sponsored events involving more than one organization, multiple logos could be placed on belt barriers to visualize and reinforce the relationship between each brand.

Custom stanchions are like portable billboards

Unlike standard belt barriers, custom belt barriers can communicate a message to an audience, making them a potential marketing medium. Similar to billboards, retractable belt barriers are best suited for short, simple messages rather than extensive brand messaging.

This type of marketing is very effective, as studies have shown that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is 382% more effective at driving online activity than television advertising.

Effective crowd control can improve the perception of your brand

Business owners spend a lot of time and effort building a solid brand and ensuring their customers have positive experiences when interacting with it. Along with public safety, brand perception is one of the most significant reasons for developing a crowd-control plan for events. If someone has a bad experience at a company’s event, there’s a strong chance that it will negatively impact their support of that brand.

On the other hand, if someone has a positive experience at a branded event, that will likely improve their outlook on that brand. Business owners who have already spent the time and effort to craft a positive experience for their customers can build even more brand loyalty by placing their logo directly on their crowd-control equipment.

Custom stanchions are an essential crowd-control tool

There’s a reason that belt barrier stanchions are ubiquitous at events and in public places; they work very well and are extremely easy to install. They are also easy to arrange in whatever configuration is needed based on available space.

Line formation made easy

Belt barrier stanchions are a great way to organize crowds into a line. Whether you need a long, straight line or a line that zig-zags, retractable belt barriers make line formation a breeze; this is particularly helpful at ticketed events or retail shops when large groups are expected, such as on Black Friday. Install the belt barriers when needed, and easily store them away when they aren’t.

Cordon off restricted areas

One of the components of any crowd control plan is preventing the general public from accessing certain areas. Retractable belt barriers make this simple. Just place a belt barrier in front of the restricted area with two posts on either side to block it off.

In conclusion, custom belt barrier stanchions are a powerful tool for branding and crowd control. They’re not only practical barriers that are easy to install but also a marketing medium that can be utilized for positive brand reinforcement. To learn more about stanchions and retractable belt barriers, check out our helpful links below!

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Using stanchions to manage fluctuating crowds

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