Dual Belt Crowd Control Stanchions

What are dual belt retractable belt barriers?

Dual belt stanchions (also called “twin retractable belt barriers”) are retractable belt barrier stanchions which have an additional, lower belt. The existence of the second stanchion belt helps provide a continuous barrier which is more thorough than a single belt, and helps meet ADA requirements for a barrier to be within 27 inches of the ground or less.

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Dual Belt Crowd Control Stanchions

Dual Belt Crowd Control Stanchions Features and Benefits

Dual belt crowd control stanchions are just like ordinary retractable belt barrier stanchions, but they include a second belt, closer to the ground. This is generally more of a deterrent agains people crossing the barrier, but it also helps stanchions meet ADA Compliance, which we'll discuss more below. 

Some of the basic features of your dual belt stanchions are:

- Two retracting belts, with the lower belt the ADA-recommended proximity to the floor.
- Two belt receiver areas so that another twin stanchion's belts can clip into place at the proper height.
- Weighted base to keep the free-standing stanchion post stable.

Why are dual belt stanchions useful for ADA Compliant crowd control?

In this post about the ADA Requirements for Retail Stores, you'll learn what's required of small businesses when it comes to meeting ADA compliance standards and requirements. Dual stanchions are relevant for this effort because the second, lower belt of this stanchion type is typically within the 27 inch minimum height requirement for ADA compliance. The lower belt height allows canes to easily detect where the barrier is. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are dual belt stanchions ADA compliant?
A: Yes - the second belt on these stanchions is the recommended proximity to the floor which helps them achieve ADA compliance. 

Q: Can you attach signs to the top of these stanchions?
A: Yes, these stanchion sign toppers are compatible with most retractable crowd control barriers.

Q: Does each stanchion post have its own retractable belts?
A: Yes - Unlike post and rope stanchions which come in individual pieces, with retracting stanchions like these, each stanchion comes with both retracting belts already fitted in place.

Q: Are the belts all the same, standard size?
A: Our collection includes some extra-length belts for those who need belts longer than 11 or 12 feet. 

Q: Can I get belts in different colors?
A: Yes - our belts are very customizable with a large variety of available colors as well as an option for custom messaging. You can ask our sales team about this using our custom belt request form

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