Expandable Metal Barriers

Expanding metal barricades, a quickly deployable high visibility warning barrier for crowd control or a work zone. We carry only premium brands, FlexPro and VersaGuard factory direct at wholesale pricing.
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Expandable Metal Barriers

Expandable Metal Barriers: Features and Benefits

Expanding metal barricades can be used to block off an entry way or hall in a factory, warehouse, cleaning area, or construction zone.  With an easy pull on one end, the expanding barricade easily fits into areas where you may not know the required length, or where you have multiple uses with different required lengths.  Expanding metal barricades can be interlocked for a continuous barrier for larger areas as well. 

Here are some of the common features you can look for when shopping for expanding metal barricades:

- Many metal expandable barricades include locking wheels. This makes them easily portable when necessary while also allowing stability when they need to be stationary.

- Most metal expandable barricades also have a latch which can be used when they're collapsed to keep them from expanding. This is useful for storage or relocation.

- Metal expandable barricade are available in different OSHA Safety Colors depending on your safety needs. For instance yellow and black is a common color combination for workplace safety. Other common safety color combinations are magenta and yellow and red and white. You can see which common safety colors are available with our metal expandable barricades here.  

- Custom expandable barricade signs are available with the metal expandable barricade to further alert or inform in a danger area or work zone.


Expandable Metal Barriers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these be used for pets and children?
A: No, these are not designed as a pet or child gate as there is a small gap underneath. 

Q: If there is a gap at the bottom, how high are these off the ground?
A: The gap at the bottom depends on how widely the gate is extended, but will range from 16 inches to 18 inches when expanded, and 8 inches when collapsed.

Q: Can these attach to a wall?
A: Yes - many of our expanding metal barriers come with mounting hardware for easily attaching to a wall.

Q: Can you use expandable metal barriers outside?
A: Yes, these metal expandable barricades can be used outdoors, however certain extreme conditions will impact their longevity. For example it's not recommended to use these metal expandable barricades in areas near salt water or consistently heavy weather.