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Product Overview

Heavy-duty barriers prevent access to restricted areas in warehouses or industrial environments.
  • Extends to a full 20' length. Folds down to a compact 25". Available in two heights: 6' and 4.5'
  • Yellow powder-coat finish. 16-gauge steel webbing with 14-gauge frame.
  • Six 5" swivel casters. Four lock to secure gate position.
  • Two end handles for easy mobility.
  • Security chains secure gate to wall or racking

What is an Expanding Barrier?

An Expanding Barrier is a structure used to separate potential hazards (such as heavy machinery and moving vehicles) from pedestrians. They are commonly found in warehouses, on construction sites, in retail spaces and in administrative offices.

Can I use this product outdoors?

This Expanding barrier is made of a sturdy corrosion-resistant galvanized metal that is built to withstand a wide range of outdoor weather conditions. The expanding barrier system kit allows a wide range of different configurations (including a wall-mount bracket and free-standing mounts). With proper care and maintenance, this barrier is safe for use outdoors.

Can I use this expanding barrier as a permanent barrier?

This product has not been designed for use as a permanent barrier, and should not be used to offer protection long-term. We recommend using this barrier as a temporary solution for workplaces that need to quickly and efficiently clean up hazards (such as spills or collapsed shelves) or restrict access to specific areas




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