Line Dividers

What is a line divider, and what are the different types of line dividers?
Line dividers refer to any stanchion or barricade used to help create the boundaries of a waiting line. In indoor retail environments this may refer most commonly to retractable belt barriers. In outdoor environments, this may refer to interlocking steel barricades or plastic post and chain stanchions. 

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Line Dividers

Frequently Asked Questions: Line Dividers

Q: What is a line divider?
A: "Line divider" refers to any stanchion or barricade which might be used to help organize the waiting line experience. 

Q: What is the most common type of line divider?
A: The type of line divider used may depend on the environment. For instance an interlocking steel barricade may be the most common line divider at outdoor festivals and theme parks while retractable belt barrier stanchions are the most common line dividers in indoor retail settings, airports, or other businesses. 

Q: Which type of line divider is best for use in an airport?
A: Retractable belt barrier stanchions are the most common type of line divider in airports.

Q: Can line dividers be permanently installed?
A: While many people may prefer adjustable line formations (for instance to accommodate fluctuating crowds), if you need a permanent line divider in place, fixed stanchions are useful for this, or even fixed/removable stanchions, (which includes caps so that fixed stanchions can be removed and their receiving holes covered over) .