Plastic Post Stanchions

Stanchion Buying Guide
Designed to be lightweight, portable and all weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. Some typical applications for our plastic stanchion posts include valet parking lots, safety zones, crowd control, visual barriers, decorative barriers, weddings, car shows, festivals, and art shows.
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Plastic Post Stanchions

Plastic Stanchion Chains And Posts

There are many occasions where you may need a simple visual barrier to help guide traffic, indicate blocked access, or fulfill safety obligations where visual barriers are required. A heavy-duty retractable belt or metal post and velvet rope may not be necessary when a simple plastic stanchion and chain can more cheaply create the same effect. You may have seen these lightweight plastic stanchions in parking lots or at trade shows for instance where quick and easy set up are required.

Plastic Stanchion Chains And Posts For Parking Lots

There are endless details that go into planning outdoor events like festivals, trade shows, farmers’ markets, and reunions. Not only must event coordinators work to accommodate hundreds of guests, but they must create parking spaces for their vehicles as well. Setting up event parking properly takes little effort but goes a long way towards preventing disasters and pulling off a smooth event. Without this intentional planning, you’re at risk of blocking in early arrivals or overtaking the event space itself with cars. Temporary barriers like these plastic chain and post stanchions can go a long way towards keeping guest arrivals and parking spaces organized and clear.

But while lightweight plastic stanchions and chains are extremely convenient for moving, setting up, and tearing down in outdoor settings, there are a few features that can ensure stability as well. When conditions require visual barriers and posts that are both easily portable and stable, customers look for plastic stanchion posts with hollow, fillable bases. These types of plastic stanchions are designed with hollow bases to be filled with sand, gravel, and in some cases water. Fillable bases ensure these plastic posts are weighted down without sacrificing their lightweight portability. Alternatively, some plastic stanchion posts are designed with built-in stanchion ground stakes so the plastic post can be driven right into the ground. This is ideal for outdoor lots and parking areas.

Plastic Chains As Visual Barriers

Plastic Chains As Visual Barriers

Keeping up with OSHA regulations often requires the use of safety barriers. However, there are some cases where OSHA allows the use of visual barriers instead. For instance, when loading docks are close enough to the ground, (48 inches in height or less), or cannot serve their purpose properly with more substantial physical barriers, these yellow plastic chains are a common solution. You should always consult your OSHA manager when determining whether or not visual barriers are sufficient for your loading dock, but when they are, these high-visibility yellow plastic chains are a common solution for meeting OSHA’s visual barrier requirements.

Use Cases For Plastic Stanchion Posts and Chains

  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Lots
  • Trade Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Festivals
  • Schools
  • Plastic Chain and Post Stanchion Benefits

  • Elegant aesthetic with polished posts and velvet ropes
  • Light-weight portability
  • Low-cost crowd control solution
  • Options for the fillable base and extra stability
  • Easy setup and tear-down
  • High visibility color options
  • Plastic Stanchion Post Types

    Colors Plastic stanchion posts and chains are available in ten different colors including high-visibility yellow.
    Plastic Stanchion Post Durability Plastic stanchion posts are available with light, medium, and heavy-duty plastic.
    Plastic Stanchion Post Base Styles Plastic stanchion post bases are available with water, sand, or gravel fillable bases, flat, dome, or sloped bases, or ground stake bases for securing directly into the ground.

    Plastic Stanchion Chain Types

    Plastic Chain Colors 2" Plastic Stanchion Chains are available in several different colors: Black, Blue, Black/Yellow, Dark Green, Safety Green, Safety Orange, Gold, Magenta, Orange, Silver, Magenta/Yellow, Purple, Green, White, Yellow, Red
    Plastic Chain Lengths We offer a wide size range for our plastic stanchion chains, offering lengths as short as 1 foot and as long as 500 feet, when purchasing in bulk.