4ft Green Uchannel Sign Stand with 15" Aluminum Base

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  • Lightweight. Impactable. Durable.
  • Easy to install and easy to replace.
  • Cast aluminum base 15″ diameter
  • 7 lb. Portable Sign Stand with 8 lb. 4' U-Channel Post
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Product Overview

With a 6.85 lb. aluminum base and an 7.5 lb. U-channel post, this is SafetySign.com’s lightest portable sign stand. It’s manufactured specifically for those interested in a stand that is easy to move around their store, parking lot, or side walk.

Because of the lightweight nature of the base, this outdoor sign stand is best suited for smaller signs such as 12 x 18” but will accommodate signs up to a 36” square when customers use the mounting holes in the base to anchor it to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Anchoring is recommended for those planning on using signs larger than 12 x 18”.

Portable sign stands ship in two different packages: one for the base and one for the sign post.

*Please note that sign mounting hardware does not come with the stand. 


  • Cast aluminum base 15″ diameter
  • Base can stand freely or it can be permanently mounted onto the ground (ground mounting hardware not included)
  • Supplied with 4ft U-Channel post (2 lbs/ft)
  • Kit ships in 2 separate packages
  • Sign and sign mounting hardware sold separately
  • Mount any sign with 2 - top and bottom - holes at ⅜″ diameter
  • Round base with three ground mounting holes, positioned 11" apart


  • 7 lb. Portable Sign Stand with 8 lb. 4' U-Channel Post
  • 15″ Diameter Base + 4′ Post
  • Aluminum Base with Green Enamel-Coated Steel Post
  • 3 Ground Mounting Holes, Spaced 11″ Apart




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