Cone-Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier, Red Case - Montour Line CM160

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  • Multiple belt lengths
  • Orange Case
  • Black and yellow diagonal stripes belt
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Product Overview

This cone mounted retractable belt barrier with its extra long caution striped belt attaches to the top of traffic cones, increasing effectiveness in traffic control. These 40 foot belts extend from the top of the cone to create extra long barriers while built in belt-braking technology ensures safe belt retraction to sustain daily use without damage. The orange case and black and yellow striped belt are designed to promote caution while cooperating with standard traffic control colors. The extra long belt lengths mean fewer cone mounted retractable belt barriers are needed to create long barriers in parking lots and driveways.


(1) Cone Mounted Belt Barrier with Red case with Black and Yellow Diagonal belt


  • Cone mounted retractable belt barrier with ABS case
  • Retraction control to prevent injury and belt damage
  • 2 inch retractable belt designed with durable herringbone webbing
  • 4-way belt receiver can hook up 3 additional barriers can hook up 3 additional barriers


Belt Length 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 ft
Belt Width 2 Inch
Height 11.25 Inch
Diameter 6 Inch
Product Dimensions Length 5 Inch
Product Dimension Width 5 Inch
Product Dimensions Height 5 Inch
Product Weight 2.2 lbs
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty Against Defects

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