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  • Delineator Tube Post 45" Height
  • Strong, ergonomic molded handle
  • 3" high-intensity reflective bands for visibility
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Product Overview


Along with the wide-ranging variety of color options, the delineator posts include 3" reflective bands. These reflective bands or tape cuffs allow you to increase visibility in even low lighting. In addition to accommodating plastic chains or caution tape, the handles at the top also make delineators convenient to move around when needs fluctuate.
  • Strong, ergonomic molded handle speeds up placement on job. Fits two hands to make lifting with base easier when the delineator and the base are attached.
  • 3" high-intensity bands for visibility and meets night visibility requirements
  • Easily string caution tape and chain through handles.
  • Recessed area to protect sheeting


Post Size: 45" Tall, with handle grip on the top of the post, 4.5" diameter
Reflective Collars: 3" Tall, two reflective collars per each delineator post
Post Material: Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic
Post Colors: Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Blue

handle delineator infographic

reflective collars

Delineator Handle + Material


  • Ergonomic molded handle speeds up placement on the job
  • Fits 2 hands to make lifting easier when the delineator and the base are attached
  • Post material is Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic


Reflective Collars


  • Includes two 3" reflective bands to draw attention
  • Alerts pedestrians and motorists about cautions and guide traffic
  • The reflective coating meets night visibility requirements




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