Montour Line Mini Floor Socket for Removable Stanchions


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  • Mini Floor Socket
  • For use with removable base posts
  • Quick and easy removal
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Product Overview

This mini floor socket for removable stanchions is a small, recessed socket used in crowd control and queue management systems. They are made of durable materials and are flush with the floor surface when not in use. When a stanchion or post is inserted, it locks securely in place, creating a temporary barrier or queue line. They are user-friendly and blend seamlessly with the surrounding floor or ground surface. They are versatile and used in various settings such as airports, train stations, museums, stadiums, and other public spaces where temporary crowd control or queue management is needed.


(1) Mini Socket & Socket Cap

  • Minimal footprint as the mini socket is only 1" in diameter
  • Remains hidden when the post is in place
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No trip hazard as the socket rim fits flush with the floor
  • Screw thread keeps the socket cap in place
  • Suitable for outdoor installation



  • Mini Socket Diameter: 1" 
  • Depth: 2" 
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel 


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