Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion, Fixed Base, Black Powder Coated Post, 35 ft Belt - Montour Line MX760F

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  • 35 Ft. Belt
  • Multiple belt colors
  • Black Powder Coated Steel
  • Compatible with all major brands
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Product Overview

Extra Length Fixed Retractable Belt Stanchion Barriers: With long belt lengths of 35 feet, you can create cost-effective crowd control barriers and queue lines with fewer stanchions. This small 5” diameter fixed base allows you to keep the floor clear and prevent tripping hazards while securely fastening stanchions flush to the floor. This is particularly convenient for permanent or semi permanent barrier needs. With belts available in a wide variety of colors and messaging, this retractable belt barrier stanchion is a popular crowd control choice.


  • (1) Black Powder Coated Steel post retractable belt barrier with 35ft.belt, Fixed base, your choice of belt color


  • Fixed base is secured using bolts for permanent placement
  • 4-way belt receiver can hook up 3 additional barriers
  • Fully compatible with all other stanchion brands and manufacturers
  • Retraction control to prevent injury and belt damage


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