7 Foot Lightweight PVC Sport Panel Fencing

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  • 7.5 Ft sports panel fence
  • Ideal for sporting events
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Product Overview


Create the best outfield experience at the next game with our lightweight PVC Sport Panel Fencing. Designed for hosting outdoor sporting events of all sizes, this temporary fencing comes with our patented mesh material with a triple sectioned design for maximum durability—enough to contain even the most adventurous supporters. The top bar features a bright yellow tint that adds additional visibility even during low-light conditions. Super light and easy to move, this perfect for sporting and other outdoor events at high-schools, universities, parks, community leagues, and sport-plexes of all sizes.

All outfield fencing panels are interchangeable and the system expands to meet nearly any size requirement. Once the event is over, sections stack neatly and compactly, saving time, transport and storage costs. Whether you have a need for outfield fencing, athletic field division, and configuration, tennis court separation or placement of sponsorship signage, Sports panels are the ideal choice.


    • Easy to use; Lightweight Design
    • Fully assembled and ready for play; includes foam connectors and anchoring wickets
    • Creates a professional stadium feel
    • Provides added safety for athletes, by providing a visible barrier
    • Ideal for placement of corporate sponsorship banners, and for generating additional revenue
    • Most economical system of its kind
    • Weather resistant foam connecting system for quick and easy installation and separation
    • Durable PVC pipe construction is riveted together for added strength
    • Rotating and adjustable foot system for safety, versatility and easy storage
    • Foot may be staked to ground yet panel will break-a-way as required
    • Vibrant yellow top for high visibility
    • Transportation and storage carts available


      • Unique breakaway system allows individual panels to detach from adjacent panels and tip, falling flat on impact, increasing safety and reducing risk of injury to athlete.
      • Sliding and removable foot system for safety, versatility and easy storage. Stores compactly in 2” wide area due to removable foot system. Foot may be staked to ground yet panel will break-a-way as required.
      • Will not rot, warp, rust, or corrode
      • Can also be used for displaying signs, and
        sponsorship banners at sporting events.
      • UV inhibitors increase longevity
      • Can be cleaned with common household cleaners.
      • Lightweight design aids in panels ability to tip over on impact, contrasted with possible injury from collision with an immovable, solid object (such as chain link or wooden fences).
      • Foam connectors prevent a “domino” effect and allow a single impacted panel to disengage and fall upon impact.
      • Rounded, smooth pipe reduces the risk of injury to an impacting outfielder.
      • 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
      • Meets ASTM 8 (Appendix A) F 2000 “Standard Guide for Fences for Ball Fields and Other Facilities.”


      • Size: 48” t x 7’ w (121.9cm t x 304.8cm w)
      • Frame Diameter: 2" (50.8 mm)
      • Weight: 16lbs (10kg)
      • Frame: UV Inhibited, titanium dioxide additive, high impact, compounded PVC frame and fittings
      • Mesh Interior: UV Protected, polypropylene copolymer
        1.25” schedule 40 pipe.


      • (1) Fence  
      • (2) Anchoring Wickets
      • (1) Foam Connector

      Buying in large quantities? Contact us for a volume discount! sales@crowdcontrolwarehouse.com or (847)-991-9900


      Distance to Fence
      (From Home Plate)
      Length of Outfield Fence Number of SportPanel
      200 320 46
      210 336 48
      220 352 50
      230 368 53
      240 384 55
      250 400 57
      260 416 60
      270 432 62
      280 448 64
      290 464 66
      300 480 69
      310 496 71
      320 512 73
      330 528 76
      Note: In order to calculate any outfield (including arc), simply multiply the distance to the fence by 1.6 to obtain the total length of the outfield fence.



      • Height: 48”
      • Length: 7 Ft.
      • Weight: 16lbs
      • Frame Diameter: 2"
      • Material: UV Inhibited, Titanium Dioxide additive, high impact,
      • compounded PVC frame and fittings, 1.25” schedule 40 pipe.
      • Mesh interior: UV protected, polypropylene copolymer.


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