Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Utility Stanchion, 7.5 Ft. Belt - Tensabarrier 886

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  • 7.5 foot belt
  • Red or yellow post and belt
  • Stackable base with handles
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Product Overview

Take a look at the Tensabarrier 886 Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Utility Stanchion – the ideal solution for cordoning off hazardous zones or defining safe pedestrian traffic routes in industrial environments! Featuring a plastic post, screw fixed into a recycled rubber base, this post is quickly and easily assembled. Furthermore, it has carry handles and is stackable, allowing for compact storage and easy transport. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, available in a range of high visibility colors and accommodating a suite of accessories, this stanchion is sure to meet your requirements!

Tensabarrier 886 Heavy Duty Retractable Belt Utility Stanchion


  • A plastic Heavy Duty post with a UPVC molded base
  • Bases feature convenient handles, making them easy to carry
  • Bases are stackable for easy storage
  • Available with screw or bayonet fixings
  • Conforms to the full assortment of sign holders & leaflet dispensers
  • Excellent for indoor or outdoor functions
  • Magnetized strap ends are offered on all Tensabarriers and Wall Units
  • Posts accessible in a wide variety of Plastic Post colors




  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs.
  • Post Height: 38’’
  • Post Tube Diameter: 2.5’’
  • Base Type: Heavy Duty Rubberised
  • Base Diameter: 19’’
  • Webbing Material: Heavy Duty Woven Polyester
  • Webbing Width: 2’’
  • Webbing Length: 7’6’’ or 13’’
  • Webbing End Type: Standard Anti-Tamper
  • Webbing End Color: Black
  • Customizable? Available in wide range of colors


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