Gripping Gloves, Nylon and Spandex Coated - CCW Grip Series

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  • Nitrile Dipped
  • Nylon and Spandex
  • Gray color
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Product Overview

Our work gloves include a tough, heavy-duty grip and breathable protective coating that's especially designed for manual labor like construction work, mechanical work, indoor and outdoor gardening, landscaping, outdoor engineering, carpentry, and even cooking or grilling. These durable gloves can be used as water-proof work gloves or safety gloves, keeping your hands protected and covered at all times.


CCW Grip Series Nitrile Dipped Safety and Work Gloves - Specifications:


Work Glove Material:

Nylon and Spandex

Work Glove Color: 


Item Weight: 

1.6 ounces

Work Glove Coating:

Nitrile Dipped

Work Glove Sizes:

XS, S, M, L, XL


CCW Grip Series Nitrile Dipped Safety and Work Gloves - Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are these safety and work gloves waterproof?  A: This nitrile dipped glove has some waterproof effects where the nitrile coating covers the glove.
Q: Do these safety and work gloves protect against sharp objects like glass and nails? A: These safety gloves provide a layer of protection from sharp surfaces and can be very effective in preventing scrapes and scratches, but workers should still exercise caution in case of punctures.
Q: Do these safety and work gloves protect against heat? A: These work and safety gloves will make it easier to handle hot surfaces, but should not be treated as truly heat-resistant.
Q: Do these safety and work gloves protect against frostbite? A: These gloves are not designed for heavy insulation from frostbite. Because of the nitrile coating however, they may make it somewhat easier to handle cold surfaces.
Q: Can these safety and work gloves be used to handle concrete? A: The coated surface of these gloves makes them easy to wash off. This makes them more useful for concrete work than standard fabric gloves.
Q: Can these safety and work gloves be washed? A: Yes, these gloves can be washed.
Q: Can these safety and work gloves work with touch screens? A: The nitrile dipped gloves are not designed to cooperate with touch screens, so customers may see mixed results with their own touch screens.
Q: Can these safety and work gloves be used for dish-washing? A: This safety and work glove is nitrile dipped for some waterproof effects, but the bulk of the glove is made from nylon and spandex, making it more suitable for outdoor work environments than tasks like dish-washing.
Q: Can these safety and work gloves be used for gardening? A: Yes, these nitrile dipped gloves are designed to keep your hands safe and dry while gardening.



Made out of Nylon and Spandex, these heavy-duty grip gloves provide both comfort and flexibility, making them an effective safety or work glove for industrial tasks.



Both the front and the back of the gloves include a sturdy grip made out of Nylon and Spandex and dipped and coated in Nitrile for protective, long-lasting results. Gloves with this kind of coating have waterproof and gripping benefits.



  • Sturdy Grip
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Protective
  • Long Lasting


Description Nitrile Dipped
Material Nylon and Spandex
Color Gray

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M. Michael
United States United States
Works for gardening, carpentry, etc.

I am thrilled with their performance when doing carpentry, for gardening, and lifting of boxes. Highly recommended!

United States United States
Snug and tear-resistant

These are snug and are really great work gloves. They are highly durable and tear-resistant. Highly recommended.

United States United States
Extremely Durable

These gloves are actually washable but you just have to air dry them well after. If you will just use this around the house, it will probably last you a year or more. They fit well, super lightweight, and, extremely durable.

United States United States
All around gloves!

These gloves are very comfortable and fits great! I've used this in landscaping and they hold up pretty well. It has the right amount of elastic and rubbery material to it.

R. Henning
United States United States
Right amount of thickness

This is the best work gloves I've used so far. They are breathable and has this nice grip, right amount of thickness and offers good skin protection. I've got nothing to complain about these gloves.

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