Traffic Barrels

Our plastic traffic safety barrels, or Channelizer barrel drums, are the most durable traffic control barrels in the market.   Traffic barrels are used for construction zones or to alert and direct traffic away from hazard zones on the roads.

Crowd Control Warehouse carries only the premium quality Econocade traffic barrels direct from the factory at wholesale prices.  Econocade traffic barrels are engineered with low-density polyethylene material to reduce fading from exposure to the elements.  Flexible impact resistant material is designed for stability but to resist minor incursions from impact with cars or aggressive and violent pedestrians.

Visibility is important in traffic safety, especially in adverse weather conditions or in the evening.  Choose between our reflective sheeting options on the barrel exterior.  Diamond grade sheeting is the premium sheeting option for visibility and long-lasting impact-resistant durability.   Engineer grade sheeting is a durable cost-conscious economy reflective sheeting.

Rubber tire ring base is sold separately.  Choose your traffic barrel today!

Traffic Barrels

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