Traffix Channelizer Drum Bases



TrafFix Devices offers the largest selection of channelizer drum bases in the industry. All TrafFix Channelizer Bases are interchangeable with all TrafFix Drum Tops, regardless of when they were purchased. There are a wide array of different types and styles that suit many needs and budgets.

Includes: (1) Base of your choice: 

Tire Ring Base

Sand Bag Base

San-Fil Base

Recycled Rubber Base


Tire Ring Base:

  • Easy to use.
  • Ballast holds even in the windiest conditions. No need for sandbags.
  • Anti-Rotation Ribs to hold a tire ring securely in place. Grips the road and minimizes drum movement and rotation.
  • Impact tested under the direction of NTPEP, the national testing organization. Successfully separated from the base when repeatedly impacted by the test vehicle in both warm and cold weather tests.

Sand Bag Base

  • Made of durable, impact resistant.
  • Easy to use. Simply place the base on the ground, add a sand bag and snap - lock the drum top to the base.

San-Fil Base

  • Designed to hold 50 pounds of sand with a twist lock cover that keeps the sand inside the base.
  • Two carrying handles for easy movement and placement.
  • Low profile base easily clears vehicle undercarriages and supports the weight of any automobile when properly filled.

Recycled Rubber Base

  • 100% recycled rubber.
  • The "sandless" way to ballast channelizer drums.
  • Grips the road and minimizes drum movement due to wind gusts.


Tire Ring Base:

  • Composition: Reused truck tires
  • Nominal Diameter: 22.5”

Sand Bag Base:

  • Composition: Polyethylene

San-Fil Base:

  • Composition:Polyethylene
  • Height: 4”

 Recycled Rubber Base

  • Weight: 25 lb. and 40 lbs.

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