Traffic Delineators

Traffic delineators provide a safety barrier from work zones or hazards while being flexible enough to protect motorists and reduce damage to vehicles. Direct traffic flow and guide pedestrians with these highly visible pavement markers. Recommended for construction zones, lane closures, schools and crowd control. Durable to withstand harsh weather conditions and engineered with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. View a wide variety of flat and tubular delineator products, with or without reflective sheeting.
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Traffic Delineators

Traffic Delineators: Product Highlights and Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Delineator Variations

Traffic delineators, (also called "grabber tubes" or "grabber cones") are fairly basic but do have some variations for a variety of use cases. For instance, here are some of the delineator features or variations and why you might select a delineator of this type.

Delineator Posts with Handles: Many delineator posts include a simple handle shape at the top, making it very easy to move the delineator from place to place. These are useful for road construction projects where the traffic safety equipment needs to be moved as construction progresses. 

Free-standing Delineator Posts: Most delineator posts have weighted bases which slide over the delineator post so the delineator can be free-standing. 

Surface-mounted Delineator Post: Some delineator posts can be mounted onto the pavement or ground surface for a more permanent delineator installation.

Traffic Delineator Common Uses

Here are some of the common use cases for delineator posts like these:

1. Road construction: Probably the most common use for delineator posts like these is for securing the perimeter of road construction sites. The use of standard traffic safety orange and white colors make these delineator posts highly visible, instantly signaling the need for increased caution from passing drivers.

2. Maintenance and remodeling: Because these delineator posts are easy to set up and store, they can be very useful for temporary maintenance and remodeling zones.

3. Outdoor events: Again, because of the easy portability as well as the traffic safety colors, these can be useful for indicating parking areas in temporary outdoor event spaces.

4. Parking lots: Similarly, standard parking lots sometimes make use of these delineators to indicate where there are dangerous interruptions in the pavement such as pot holes. 


Traffic Delineators: Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Can you attach signs to the top of delineators?
A: We co not currently sell sign toppers for these delineators

Q: Can you attach chains to these delineators?
A: The handle loop at the top of delineator posts is commonly used to loop plastic chain through, making this delineator into a more complete barrier. 

Q: Are delineator posts stable in the wind?
A: The rubber base of most standard delineators is ~10lbs. This is typically enough to keep the delineator standing, even in wind. 

Q: Can you fill delineator posts with stand?
A: Delineator posts are usually hollow, but are not made to contain sand or water. Instead, the weighted rubber base is used to keep the post in place. 

Q: Are delineator posts stackable?
A: The more cone-shaped delineator posts are stackable.

Q: Are delineator posts hollow?
A: Most delineator posts are made to be hollow.