CrowdCade Deluxe Plastic Pedestrian Barricade

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  • Plastic pedestrian traffic barricade
  • Anti-trip, flat steel feet
  • Ideal for traffic construction areas
  • Tamper resistant locking hooks
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Product Overview

Check out the 7’ long, thick walled, plastic barricade with steel legs and feet – the Plasticade CrowdCade Deluxe! Extra durable, with a 50% thicker double wall panel, this barricade is known for its superior stability, as well as a compact stacking design. Featuring a Unique Quick-Change System, you can easily add, remove and change sign inserts on this unit. Take a look and enjoy all the options that the CrowdCade Deluxe has to offer!

The Anti-trip, flat steel feet and tamper-resistant locks make these barricades perfect for ensuring safe passage of pedestrians through construction zones and work sites.  The feet can be rotated and locked for easy, compact storage.  The unique Quick-Change™ system makes it easy to insert signs if required.

Plasticade Crowd Cade Deluxe Plastic Barricade


  • Sturdy and extra durable - 50% thicker double wall panel, prevents warping or bending
  • Superior stability, stands up to large crowds - steel legs are integrated with barricade panel, preventing tip-over
  • Anti-trip, flat steel feet are securely welded to steel legs
  • Feet rotate and lock for compact stacking
  • Molded-in lugs keep units from sliding when stacked
  • Tamper resistant locking hooks create strong connections – to prevent in-line barricades from being pulled apart
  • Double locking hooks accommodate various configurations - units pivot on hooks and adjust to uneven ground
  • Unique Quick-Change™ system makes it easy to insert signs; signs held in by stay tabs™; on both sides of barricade; holes for bolting signs if required
  • Compact stacking: 22 units can be stacked on one pallet sized 89"L x 44"W x 49"H
  • Available in OSHA approved orange and white

Barricade Locking and Feet Detail:

CrowdCade Deluxe Plastic Barricade Locking and Feet Detail:



  • Composition: Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 86.25”L x 42”H
  • Connected length: 7’
  • Weight: 35 lbs. with feet
  • Feet Weight: 5 lbs.ea.
  • Sign Insert Size: 29.5” W x 26” H; 4 mm (3/16” thick); corrugated plastic sign material recommended
  • Color: Orange & White
  • Customizable? Custom colors available


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