Removable Floor Mount Rope Stanchion with Urn Top


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Used for easy post removal from sockets & caps. Product comes with a 5-year warranty.

▪ By Visiontron
▪ A proven design sturdily built for years of dependable service
▪ Forged universal loop
▪ All heavy gauge steel construction for maximum strength
▪ 2.0" Diameter Post - 39" Post Height
▪ Post Weight: 13 lbs.
▪ **Our stanchion posts and hanging ropes are Made in the U.S.A. by the largest manufacturers in the world. BEWARE of low-quality, lightweight imitations sold on other websites that are imported from China or other small manufacturers.

▪ Further discounts may apply on large orders. Please contact us for a quote!
▪ Questions? Please contact us toll-free at 877-885-1600 or
for assistance!

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