Slimline Tensabarrier Post, 7.5 Ft. Belt - Tensabarrier 890

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  • 7.5 foot belt
  • Multiple belt colors
  • Multiple post finishes
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Product Overview

The Tensabarrier 890 Slimline Post is a traditional model seen in high-traffic areas.  Sporting a thinner design while still featuring the same length and high-quality belt, the Tensabarrier Slimline Post offers a stylish and contemporary look to your queue layout. Easy to move into position, while not taking up a lot of floor space, the Slimline 890 is the most popular Tensabarrier post model, which has proven useful and durable both indoors and outdoors.  

Tensabarrier 890 Slimline Tensabarrier Post - 7.5 Ft. Belt


  • Belts retract slowly and safely; made of woven polyester, the belts are strong enough to last the lifetime of the post
  • Four point connection
  • 36° displacement angle, preventing the post from easily toppling over
  • Mild steel Tensabrrier®, making them more robust than aluminum alternatives
  • Accommodates a full range of accessories to allow optimum use of space; has the capacity for an extensive array of sign holders & pamphlet dispensers
  • All Cassettes have an anti-tamper tape end that prevents the webbing detaching accidentally from the post when pulled out and connected
  • Patented Tensator centrifugal breaking system to make the Tensabarrier® the safest barrier on the market
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lowest leading edge base on the market enables accessible environment for people with mobility issues
  • Available in a complete selection of colors & finishes
  • Used in hotels, banks, airports, theaters, railway stations, theme parks, movie theaters and many other high-traffic areas




  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Post Height: 38’’
  • Post Tube Diameter: 2’’
  • Base Diameter: 14’’
  • Webbing Material: Heavy Duty Woven Polyester
  • Webbing Width: 2’’
  • Webbing Length: 7’6’’
  • Webbing End Type: Standard Anti-Tamper
  • Webbing End Color: Black
  • Customizable? Multiple finishes and belt colors available


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