Tensabarrier SA1 Stowaway Tensabarrier Post

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  • Collapsable post and base
  • Multiple post colors
  • Available as individual or set of 4
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Product Overview

The Tensabarrier SA1 Stowaway Post enables a 50’ highly visible safety barrier to be established in a matter of seconds. Compact and lightweight, and featuring a storage bag when you purchase 4, this kit is easy to store and transport.  The transportability of this product makes it deal for construction, maintenance, janitorial work, and other jobs where the location of hazards or restricted areas can move with the job.   

Tensabarrier SA1 Stowaway Post


  • Solid physical barrier; perfect for establishing safety barriers
  • The four post Stowaway® Tensabarrier® kit, featuring four posts and four bases, allows you to quickly set up a 50′ perimeter
  • The storage bag fits easily in a car truck or closet; holds the complete selection of sign holders & leaflet dispensers
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Originally patented Tensator centrifugal breaking system making it the safest retractable belt barrier
  • Finish options: Plastic White, Plastic Blue, Plastic Red, Plastic Yellow and Plastic Black
  • Weather resistant




  • Kit: 4 posts and 4 bases
  • Finish: 5 finish options
  • Webbing: Multiple options
  • Customizable? A range of finishes and colors available + standard printed messages


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