Guide for Selecting and Understanding Freight

You don't have to be a big business to have a big order.  Whether it's a large quantity of stanchions, a new picnic table, or barricades, a number of our products will require a freight shipment due to their size and weight. 

Freight shipments by nature are a little more complicated than normal package deliveries.  This guide will help make sure you select the right services at checkout to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your products.  Whether you're delivering to a big business or a residential home, Crowd Control Warehouse is happy to serve your needs!

How do you know which freight services to pick?  

School or Government Freight LocationChurch or Religious freight locationSmall Business Freight LocationConstruction Zone Freight DeliveryResidential Freight Delivery

Limited Access Delivery

If you are located in a residential or commercial area where freight trucks do not normally travel or are restricted from entering, you must select limited access delivery.  Even a location with a full loading dock or forklift can be considered limited access if the area is gated, guarded, or secured as is common with government facilities.

Some examples of limited access locations are: homes, condos or apartments, schools, churches, construction sites, small event spaces, small businesses, restaurants, churches, government buildings, airports, farms, hotels and motels, hospitals, small storage facilities, and other similar locations.


Do you need Lift Gate services?Lift Gate Services for Freight 

If you do not have a full loading dock facility or a forklift to unload freight, you must request lift gate services.  Requesting lift gate services means the trucker will be responsible for the full unloading process up to placing the product on your property.  If you do not select lift gate services, it will be entirely your responsibility to safely unload your own freight and the truck driver will not be obligated to assist you without additional fees.

Industrial Freight Location with Loading Dock Doors

Standard Freight Delivery

If you have a commercial loading dock facility or a forklift, you can select Standard Freight Delivery.  When you select this option, it is entirely your responsibility to unload your freight using your own resources. The truck driver will not be obligated to assist you in unloading without additional fees.  Typically, large commercial businesses, industrial facilities, and warehouses qualify for standard freight delivery.


Special Freight Scheduling Requirements:

Do you need scheduled delivery or advance notice?

If you would like to schedule your freight for a specific delivery time or need advanced notice, please call our sales team at 877-885-1600 or email them at We’ll be more than happy to work with you for your special delivery needs.

Do you need this freight ASAP?

If you need expedited shipping or have a need by date, it is your responsibility to inform the sales team as soon as possible, ideally at the point of ordering.  The more advance notice you provide us, the more likely we will be able to meet your needs. You can contact our sales team directly at 877-885-1600 and also at

Note that some products, such as custom products, may have limitations for how quickly they can ship. There may also be additional fees for expedited services.


What to expect when freight arrives:

Inspect your Freight

It is extremely important to inspect freight for damage and completeness once it arrives and before signing. If freight has been signed for as in good condition and complete, Crowd Control Warehouse can assume no responsibility or liability for damages or missing units that were potentially due to transit. It is your responsibility to properly inspect the freight for damage and completeness and sign for it accordingly upon its receipt.

If you sign for freight as damaged, please contact our sales team at or give us a call at 877-885-1600.  We will file a claim with our freight provider and work with you to resolve any outstanding issues.

Handling your Freight

You must be prepared to move and unpack your own freight after it is off the truck.  Even if you select lift gate services, these services do not include relocating the product further than the point of unloading, nor do they include unpacking or assembly services.  


Returning Freight

If you need to make a return on a freight product, please contact our sales team at  or give us a call at 877-885-1600.  We will be happy to assist you with this process.  


Still have questions or want to speak to a customer service rep?

Email us at or give us a call at 877-885-1600.

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