Coil Style Bike Racks

Just as customers arriving by car expect parking facilities for their cars, the growing population of bicycle commuters expect safe and secure bicycle parking options for their bikes as well. Coil style bike racks offer a durable and secure solution for bicycle locking and parking. Installing bike racks like these in every parking lot ensures safe customer experiences for drivers and bikers alike.
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Coil Style Bike Racks

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Coil Style Commercial Bike Racks For Sale

It can be hard to calculate just how many bicycles are stolen each year since it’s estimated that only 56% of bicycle thefts are reported to the police, but researchers estimate the problem of bicycle theft costs communities over one billion dollars a year. Despite this costly problem, bicycling continues to be more and more popular in cities large and small.

Safe Bicycle Locking And Parking

When a bicyclist arrives at your facility and cannot find a secure bike lock installed in your parking lot, some cyclists attempt to secure their bikes by locking them to street sign posts. However, simply lifting a bike and its lock over the top of pole or sign post is one of the more common strategies for bicycle thieves, leaving your customers insufficiently protected. The locking furniture, (a term used to describe the object a bicycle is locked to), is a big factor in how easily a bicycle can be stolen.

The only way to ensure your customers or visitors can keep their bikes safely locked is to accommodate bicycle locking and bicycle parking with durable bicycle stands or bike locks installed at every parking lot.

Where should Coil style bike racks and other bike racks be installed?

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Schools
  • Libraries

  • Coil Style Bike Racks

    Capacity Our coil style bike racks include options for 6-bike, 8-bike, or 10-bike capacities.
    Mounting Styles Our coil style bike rack collection includes surface or inground mounting.
    Colors Our bike rack collection includes more than a dozen color/finish types.

    Additional Bike Rack Features

    Durability Our coil bike racks are constructed with powder coated metal for optimum durability.
    Barrier Use Many of our bike racks can be used to double as a barrier for directing the flow of traffic.