Banner Stakes PLUS Line 15' Belt Fixed Wall Mount System

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  • Great for areas with limited floor space
  • Belt Head is compatible with other PLUS Line belt heads and stanchions
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
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Product Overview

The Banner Stake Plus Line Fixed Wall Mount System can easily block aisles, doorways, and other parts of your business to redirect traffic away from hazardous areas. The PLUS line series being sold through Crowd Control Warehouse can be used for a diversity of purposes, including manufacturing, warehouse, hospital, and electrical safety, janitorial work, and commercial crowd control.   

With no additional accessories needed, this wall mount kit can securely fix a standard PLUS line banner head in a minimal amount of space.  The PLUS Line Banner head included in this system is the same as those used on PLUS Line stanchions and can be interchangeable with them.

(1) PLUS Banner head
(1) Wall Mount Kit

Wall Mount Kit contains:

(1) Head Wall Mount
(1) Wall Receiver
(6) Wood Screws
(6) Wall Anchors
(4) Zip Ties


  • 15’ retractable belt head that is compatible with an interchangeable with other PLUS Line belt heads and receivers.
  • 2.5” wide belt made of polyester woven fabric
  • Wall mount kit great for areas with tight spaces or limited floor space
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor use
  • All components made from durable, rust-proof materials
  • Ideal for blocking hallways, aisles, restrooms, corridors and more
  • Designed to be surface mounted for use when floor space is limited
  • Allows for easy warnings alleviating traffic in work areas
  • Provides versatility, portability and convenience
  • Compatible with push pin lock for added security

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