Steel Barricades

Heavy duty interlocking steel metal barricades and barriers direct at wholesale prices. We offer the highest-quality, most durable, and warranty protected products at unbeatable savings to you!

Always IN STOCK and ready to ship! We also have an exclusive West Coast warehouse that allows us to ship our 8 Ft. Galvanized (silver) barricades from BOTH COASTS - this allows you huge savings on freight costs regardless of your location in the country! All of our Metal Barricades are galvanized for rugged outdoor use and storage. **Don't be fooled by other websites selling low-quality imitations!**

Steel metal barricades, or bike rack barricades, control and secure crowds at any events or crowded locations including traffic construction sites, stadiums, airports, concerts, and festivals.  All barricade barriers are hot-dip galvanized for rugged outdoor use. 

Our barricades are available in multiple colors with a flat or bridge base.


Steel Barricades

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