Round Concrete Waste Container with Ash N' Trash Top - 31 Gallon Capacity

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  • Built-in ash-tray
  • Multiple color options
  • Accommodates outdoor use
  • Made with aluminum and concrete
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Product Overview

Litter has an obvious impact on our planet’s health, but it has a severe impact on businesses as well. Keeping parks, sidewalks, shopping centers, and other outdoor spaces clean is a big part of making your business a welcoming place for the community. Our sturdy concrete trash receptacle complete with ash-tray top helps you ensure your property stays clean from cigarette and general trash, keeping the environment inviting for your customers and your community alike.

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31 Gallon Concrete Trash Receptacle With Ash-Tray Top


  • Made with aluminum and concrete
  • Accommodates outdoor use
  • 98 color/material combination options
  • Built-in ash-tray

Possible Uses:

  • Keep your property attractive and litter-free
  • Reduce cigarette-trash with built-in ash-tray




  • Material: Aluminum and concrete
  • Size: 24" Dia. x 33"
  • Weight: 420 lbs.
  • For use: outdoor
  • Customizations: color/material


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