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Stanchion Buying Guide
Classic post and rope stanchions help maintain organized line formation and foot traffic without interrupting the aesthetics of special event spaces, museums, and theaters. Our collection of classic post and rope stanchions includes a variety of post types, installation types, and stanchion rope types. This gives customers an ability to tailor stanchions for their specific VIP event or venue style. Our classic stanchion post and ropes are sold individually or can be purchased in post and rope kits for easy set-up.
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Classic Stanchions & Ropes


What Are Stanchions?

Stanchions are simple crowd control tools which typically include a series of stanchion posts with ropes in between them to create a continuous barrier. Some stanchions include built in retractable belts which connect posts without the need for rope while other stanchions simply have loops where ropes can clip into place from post to post. Also called "post and rope stanchions", these are the kinds of barriers you might see along the perimeter of exhibits or creating the boundaries of a checkout line. Stanchion ropes are traditionally made from velvet and cotton to create a smooth and attractive draping effect, though velour is a common alternative with a similar appearance at a lower production cost. 

Different Types of Stanchions:

Classic Post and Rope Stanchions

As mentioned briefly above, classic post and rope stanchions include a simple stanchion post with loops at the top where stanchion ropes (such as velvet ropes) can be clipped into place, connecting one post to another. This creates a very simple crowd control barrier which is easy to move and set up, but maintains an elegant aesthetic. For instance the stanchion post finish can be customized to match other interior elements.

Classic Post and Rope Stanchion Features and Benefits:

Classic post and velvet rope stanchion barrier kits typically include a polished stanchion post with a decorative finial on the top and a sturdy velvet rope draped between, clipped to the top of a pair of matching posts.

What makes these simple velvet rope stanchions so effective is that the stanchion ropes are designed with sturdy cores which allow the velvet ropes to drape in a smooth arc. While red velvet ropes may be the most iconic of these velvet rope barriers, these ropes come in a wide variety of colors and materials, not just velvet. They also come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different spacing preferences.

Classic stanchion posts contribute to an elegant VIP look as well. While these classic stanchion posts are available in a neutral black color, polished finishes like polished brass and polished silver are more common. In addition to this, decorative finial tops can make these posts even more reminiscent of classic red carpet events. 

Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions

Retractable belt barrier stanchions include built in belts which can be extended and retracted as needed. At the top of these stanchion posts there are typically belt receivers so that a neighboring post's belt can be clipped into place. This nullifies the need for stanchion ropes, as the belt produces the connecting barrier from post to post instead. These are the kinds of stanchions you may see in airports, shopping malls, and bus stations. 

Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion Features and Benefits:

Retractable belt barrier stanchions are popular crowd control tools for their versatility and ease of use. The retracting belt contains no slack at all, making it convenient for even complex line formations. These belts come in a variety of lengths, colors, and widths, and can even be ordered as custom printed belt barriers with custom messages or branding. This is especially useful when crowd control instructions are needed, such as "Line Starts Here" or "Do Not Enter." These kinds of instructions can further contribute to keeping crowds organized. Even the existence of logos can help with crowd control, for instance when travelers are looking for the ticketing line for a specific airline. 

Retractable belt barriers can also include second belts, lower to the ground. These dual belt stanchions allow for ADA compliance, which requires barriers to maintain a specific proximity to the floor where canes will be able to detect them. This fortifies barriers making it more difficult for people to duck underneath the intended barrier.

Safety Stanchions

Safety stanchions often refer to retractable belt barrier stanchions which are optimized for visibility and durability, making them more suitable for industrial environments where visual barriers are required within safety plans. 

Safety Stanchion Features and Benefits:

Safety stanchion belts have high visibility colors like yellow, red, or orange, or even the yellow and black diagonal stripe pattern which is common for workplace safety. Like standard retractable belt barrier stanchions, custom printed belt barriers are also available with special safety messaging like "Caution - Do Not Enter". These messages can be customized for a workplace's specific needs. Safety belts can also be longer or wider to accommodate larger, industrial spaces.

In addition to having special belts in high visibility colors, safety stanchion posts also have high visibility colors like yellow, red, and orange. When extra-long belts are included, this also typically means the post is wider as well.

Safety stanchion bases may also be designed with extra durability. For example these safety stanchions often use rubber bases which can withstand occasional weight from passing vehicle tires without the damage that might occur with a standard metal base. These kinds of stanchion bases are also more weather-resistant and can last longer with outdoor use. 

Plastic Stanchions

Plastic stanchions are similar to the post and rope stanchions described above but they are much simpler and less optimized for aesthetics. These stanchions include simple plastic posts with loops at the top for caution tape or plastic chain barriers to connect from post to post.

Plastic Stanchion Features and Benefits:

These stanchions are extremely lightweight, portable, and inexpensive. Since they are made from plastic, they can also be purchased in a wide variety of custom colors, even with matching plastic chains to maintain branding colors, or high visibility colors where safety is a consideration. Some customers choose to pair these simple plastic stanchion posts with caution tape instead of plastic chains. 

Stanchion Kits:

Our stanchion collection includes a number of stanchion kits for nearly every kind of stanchion mentioned above.

Post and Rope Stanchion Kits: Velvet rope barrier stanchions are available for sale at Crowd Control Warehouse in convenient kits. These kits include all the post and rope pieces you'd need to create ticketing lines, checkout lines, and more crowd control barrier types. These can include sign toppers as well in case additional messaging is needed for your ticketing or checkout line area. 

Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion Kits: While retractable belt barriers are not made up of individual post and barrier pieces, we do sell these in sets of 4 or sets of 6 with free shipping.

Plastic Stanchion Kits: Plastic stanchion kits include plastic posts and plastic chain. These can be ordered in matching colors or with posts and chains of different colors. 

Stanchion Kit FAQs:

Here are some frequently asked questions below:

  1. Q: How can I include signage to a classic stanchion post?
    A: Small holes can be placed in the top of stanchion posts to accommodate the placement of signs on top of the stanchion post. This allows for the stanchion post to conveniently double as a sign post and adds clarity for customers to identify entrances and exists for waiting lines.

  2. Q: How many pieces are included in classic velvet rope stanchion kits?
    A: Velvet rope stanchion kits come in a wide variety of sizes depending on your rope barrier needs. Typically you'll receive one fewer rope than the number of posts, since each single rope needs 2 posts to clip into. Then, if you'd like signage included, you can include 1 vertical or horizontal sign frame to fit on top.

  3. Q: How far apart should I space the posts of my stanchion post and rope kit?
    A: Assuming your stanchion rope measures 6 ft in length, your stanchion posts should be spaced out about 5.5 ft apart. Of course you should adjust this to your taste, but 5 or 6 inches of slack in a 6 foot rope should allow a fairly natural looking draping effect. This should also give you an idea of how many stanchions you need for a given space. For instance if you are trying to supply stanchions for both sides of a 35 foot hallway, you would want about 12 stanchions (6 for each side) and 10 stanchion ropes (5 for each side).

  4. Q: What is included in a standard stanchion post and rope kit? 
    A: Our stanchion kits typically include two stanchion posts and one stanchion rope. We also have kits which include one sign topper in addition to these two stanchion posts and single stanchion rope. 


Common Use Cases For Stanchions

Classic post and rope stanchions are a popular choice for elegant black-tie events like proms, weddings, and corporate parties. Any event which wishes to simulate a red-carpet experience or must cooperate with existing elegant themes might prefer these velvet rope stanchions over other varieties. Museum exhibits, concert halls, theaters and other historical buildings for example may need to use these stanchions to match the existing decor. Even night clubs may prefer these stanchions to and they are common choices for any environment where attractive ticketing and entry lines are needed. 

Corporate events like conferences and job fairs may make use of the cheaper and more portable plastic stanchions instead. These are appropriate for event venues which have many varying events with quick barrier set up and tear down from event to event. Plastic stanchions are also common choices for outdoor environments like outdoor dining patios, or even construction areas within sidewalks and parking lots. 

Retractable belt barriers are commonly used in large spaces with lots of foot traffic such as airports, bus stations, shopping malls, and sports arenas. Because of their easy set up and their versatility, they may also be useful for conferences and job fairs as well - anywhere complex line formations are needed.  

Crowd Control Stanchions for Weddings

With sites like Pinterest providing infinite DIY inspiration and social media putting more and more emphasis on visual presentation, America’s newlyweds are starting to think outside of the box when planning their special day. Popular wedding site “The Knot” has some interesting research to demonstrate this. Over the last decade for instance the percent of weddings hosted in standard religious institutions has gone from 41% down to just 22%. Even banquet halls dropped in popularity among newlyweds, dropping from 27% to 17%. On the contrary, unique venues like barns rose in popularity from 2% to 15%.But as newlyweds get creative with their wedding venues, they’re not compromising the guest experience, even as they move their weddings from churches to barns. In fact, the average per-guest expense rose in the last decade from ~$194/guest to ~$268/guest.

Behind every Instagram-perfect wedding is a wedding planner working behind the scenes to make these farms, ranches, historical homes and even backyards shine just as spectacularly as banquet halls, churches, and other traditional event venues. Velvet rope stanchions with classic posts are an easy way to achieve a VIP red-carpet look. Newlyweds use these classic post and rope stanchions for everything from photo booths, “selfie stations”, sundae bars, reception lines, and even to create the traditional aisle for the bride and groom in outdoor settings. These vip rope barriers go a long way towards transforming these ordinary environments into formal venues.

Creating VIP Red Carpet Events with Velvet Rope Stanchions

Weddings aren’t the only events affected by the realities of social media. Corporate event planners and event venues are recognizing the opportunity for exposure created by this photo-sharing culture. To keep up with this trend, they’ve begun implementing customized event hashtags for everything from conferences to Christmas parties. The hashtag “#redcarpetevent” has more than 70,000 uses on instagram, for example. However, this increased exposure brings increased pressure to pull off a flawless red carpet experience.

One way that these private events are attempting to keep up with the high-class, red carpet ambiance is by implementing “press walls”, also appropriately nicknamed the “step and repeat” wall. These are the banners decorated with sponsor logos positioned along the red carpet at the entrance of a gala, banquet, or other special event. Attendees stop in front of this wall for photographs. Another staple of the VIP red-carpet look is, of course, red carpet stanchions. Simple as they may be in structure with simple but elegant velvet ropes connecting polished decorative posts, these velvet rope barriers have been the iconic staple of red carpet, VIP events since the days of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The classic post and rope stanchion is such a staple of hollywood’s red carpet events in fact that weddings and proms adopting hollywood themes need only these red rope stanchions and red carpets to achieve the look.