Flexstake High Performance 770 Surface Mount Delineator Post

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Product Overview

Strenuously tested to the highest standards, this post is used for toll lanes and other highway applications. Comprised of fade resistant, UV protected post consumer recycled plastic. The Flexstake HP 770 tubular surface mount delineator was developed for Interstate 95 Managed Lanes Phase Two which consists of thousands of delineators 10 feet apart.


  • (1) Flexstake Surface Mount Delineator Post with (optional) Nippon Carbide Sheeting
  • The HP 770 Series tubular surface mount delineator is a four part assembly:
    1. Post
    2. Ring
    3. Inner core and hinge
    4. Pin (straight or quick release)


  • Multiple colors and heights to choose from  
  • DOT approved  


  • MTBF: 80 hits at 70 mph (tested on 3 foot model, 85 degrees F) 50 hits at 70 mph (tested on a 4 foot model, 85 degrees F)
  • Height: 19” 24” 30” 36” 48”
  • Base: Surface Mount using Flexstake’s patented Mesh Base Technology
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs (approximate)


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