Flexstake Traffic Delineator 750 Series Surface Mount Flattened Top Post Round Base

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Product Overview

Though suitable as a multi-purpose traffic delineator, the 750 Series was specifically designed as a high performance/impact delineator for locations where traffic from side streets would be merging with traffic in a thoroughfare. The 750 Series is an impact-resistant tubular surface mounted post has an enhanced 360 degree visibility.

The TM 750 Series may also be mounted on concrete or asphalt.

The 750 Series delineator is a four-part assembly:

1. Post
2. Inner-core and hinge
3. Round base (8 inch)
4. Pin (pin can be quick release of straight)


  • MTBF: Over 75 hits at 55 mph (Tested in a 4 ft model TM 754)
  • Height: 19” 24” 30” 36” 48”
  • Anchor: Surface
  • Weight: 3 lbs (approximate)
  • Reflective sheeting is made of  Nippon Carbide.


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