Plastic Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers provide portable, durable and high visibility protection for construction zones, road work sites, airports, and anywhere else where workers, pedestrians, vehicles, and equipment cross paths. Our selection has plastic jersey barriers for easy transport and quick deployment, and concrete jersey barriers for a more permanent and durable traffic control solution. Plastic barriers can be reinforced by connecting them or adding ballast with water or sand. Water filled and sand filled barriers provide more site protection than lighter crowd control methods like steel barricades. Add increased, sustainable visibility with solar powered light add-ons and reflective tape.
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Plastic Jersey Barriers

Plastic Jersey Barrier Features and Benefits

Plastic jersey barriers are made to be hollow and fillable - for example they can be filled with sand or water to make them a more comparable weight to the traditional concrete jersey barriers. This is called "ballasting". Ballast-able barriers are quite lightweight and portable until they are filled, making them especially useful for construction areas where their need is temporary.

In summary, here's what makes this type of jersey barrier so popular for construction safety:

-Plastic jersey barriers are light and portable when empty, making them easy to move into place.

-Plastic jersey barriers are often fillable (or "ballast-able"), easily exceeding 1,000 pounds when filled with water and even more with sand. 

-Plastic jersey barriers are typically made with standard traffic-safety colors like orange and white. 

-Plastic jersey barriers can be connected into a continuous barrier and have the same shape as a concrete barrier to assist with vehicle deflection.

Plastic Jersey Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Jersey Barrier shaped the way it is?
A: In this post you can read more about the Jersey Barrier's shape and how it works to deflect traffic.

Q: What can you fill a fillable plastic barrier with?
A: Typically a fillable plastic jersey barrier is filled with water or sand. 

Q: How much does a plastic jersey barrier weigh when it's filled with water?
A: To estimate the weight of a plastic jersey barrier filled with water, assume 62.4 pounds per cubic foot.

Q: How much does a plastic jersey barrier weigh when it's filled with sand?
A: The weight of a sand-ballasted plastic jersey barrier depends on the type of sand you've purchased to fill your barricade. For estimation purposes however, using a high-quality, large-grain sand can produce weights of 125 pounds per cubic foot. Lgihter grained sand will achieve less weight.