Sidewalk Barriers

What is a sidewalk barrier?

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Sidewalk barriers are designed to be portable and free-standing to accommodate temporary crowd control needs. One common use is for pedestrian safety along work zones or construction areas. This kind of sidewalk barrier tends to be orange, yellow, or any other bright and highly visible color. However, sidewalk barriers are also popular for creating a perimeter around outdoor spaces, for out-door dining for instance. In these cases customers prefer sidewalk barriers with more emphasis on aesthetics. These for instance may be designed to look like classic fence panels. 

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Sidewalk Barriers

Sidewalk Barriers Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are sidewalk barriers adjustable?
A: Some barrier types are adjustable and others are not. This will be indicated in the product description. 

Q: Would these barriers block animals?
A: Some animals (such as small dogs) would be deterred, but these are not designed as animal gates.

Q: Do these require assembly?
A: Most of our sidewalk barriers do not need any assembly for a single barricade, however, if you want to link multiple barriers together to create a longer barrier, you will need to attach the loops and hooks along the sides of the barriers to interlock them into one continuous barrier. Our event fence panels do require some simple assembly, but no special tools will be required.